Black Wattle & Silver Ash Dining Chairs


My wife asked me to make a dining suite which would consist of 8 chairs & a square table. She also wants 3 breakfast bar stools to match!! We settled on a design & I built this prototype to ensure that the curved back supports were in the right position. The prototype chair was made of New Guinea Rosewood. The curved supports are made with 3mm laminations to end up about 12mm thick.

The 8 production chairs are made of Black Wattle with Silver Ash curved back supports.
The curved supports are made of 13mm thick solid Silver Ash cut form solid timber. All the other joinery is loose tenon, this made the production run a lot easier than traditional square mortice & tenon.
Overall dimensions are: height - 1100mm, width - 530mm & depth - 550mm. The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer @ 30% gloss.

We had to change our ideas about the square table as it won't fit into the rectangular area we need it to go in. I'm still trying to come up with a rectangular table design that will complement the chairs.