Hand Plane Restoration Part 3




PART 3: Masking, Spraying, Scotch-Brite wheels & final assembly!
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Frog is ready!! & I've given it a clean.
Now I mask it up. Same principles as the body.
Don't forget the underside.
All done.
Ready to spray the first coat of Epoxy Enamel, satin finish.
The frog gets the same treatment.
These are the 3M Scotch-Brite wheels I use. They are 6" X 2" & you need to buy a centre for them. BUT you only need one centre as you can pop it out & put it in another wheel. The centre is designed to fit one of those tapered arbors that fit on a bench grinder. You can get them from industrial abrasive suppliers that stock 3M products. There is a huge range if grits available I use multi-finish wheels in medium & fine grades.
Since I've done the iron & cap earlier I'll demonstrate on an old chip breaker from a #4. The finished result was achieved in less than 1 min.
These wheels are Awesome!!
In less than a minute!!
Here is one I prepared earlier (for the #2)
... & the finished lever cap.
Now the paint on the plane & frog is dry it's time to see what the time & effort of masking looks like.
Now it's time to put the yoke & pin back in place. Ensure the drift is LARGER than the pin hole.
Remove the masking from the bottom of the frog.
... & the top.
When attaching the knob & tote use a screwdriver that fits the slot FULL WIDTH.
Looks good so far.........
Didn't even butcher the brass screw cap!
Now fit the lever cap, blade & chip breaker assembly.
Now just stand back & have a look!
VERY nice!
Ready for the next 100 years. Sharpen the blade & away we go.....
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