Spoke Shave Cabinet



I was still on the workshop reorganisation kick, so I decided on a small cabinet for my most used spoke shaves.

I was given the timber that I used for the carcass quite a few years ago by a mates' father. The Old Growth Australian Red Cedar came out of the Bank of New South Wales that was in the main street of Brisbane. It was old growth when it was cut & it had been in the bank almost 100 years! It's almost impossible to find Red Cedar this colour these days. The wood used for the back wall of the cabinet is an American timber that was originally floorboards..... I can't remember it's name. The spoke shave racks are hand cut from a piece of Silver Ash & are one piece each.

Dimensions are 515mm (H) X 350mm (W) X 115mm (D)

I used 2 N53 Rare Earth magnets to keep the door secured. One was inserted in the top of the cabinet & the other in the top of the door frame. If you swing the door closed the air cushion stops the door from slamming & the magnets act like a self-closing door.